ThinnerFuture is a multidisciplinary surgical program designed for the comprehensive management of patients that are severely obese. Obesity is an increasing national health problem. Excess weight can significantly contribute to the development of multiple health problems, including metabolic diseases such as Type II (adult-onset) diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and abnormal lipid levels that hasten heart disease. Overall, severe obesity increases the risk of a shortened lifespan.

There are several options for surgery, which treats both the obesity and the obesity-related metabolic diseases. An integrated program that includes surgery can play a role in significant weight loss and help sustain the weight loss long-term. Together with lifelong exercise and diet changes, patients can achieve long-term weight control and a healthier lifestyle.

Our typical patient considers surgery when they are more than 100 pounds overweight, developing weight-related health problems and who have not been successful in reducing their weight through other methods such as controlled diets, exercise, or medications. These procedures are not cosmetic surgery in any way. Because the multiple health benefits of metabolic surgery, and the life-changing weight loss that is durable, these operations are considered medically necessary and are covered under most health care plans.

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